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In Australia, if you suffer an injury or damage due to someone else’s negligence, you can claim compensation. The personal injury law is concerned with these compensation claims. You will need to provide evidence that the other party or entity was responsible for your injury. They do not have to be directly the cause of your physical and/or psychological damages. You can claim personal injury compensation if this person could have prevented your injury in some way.

What are the causes of personal injury?

According to the personal injury law, you can claim compensation for various types of incidents. Incidents can arise from motor vehicle accidents, work related incidents or public or private places you have visited. If the use of defective products caused you harm, the manufacturer could be found liable for your personal injury. According to the law, slips and falls in public places can also be the ground for your personal injury case.

According to the Australian personal injury law, damages must be the result of another party’s negligence. However, the law sets a time limit for claiming compensation for personal injury cases. It is usually three years from the date your injury or damage has occurred. Otherwise, your personal injury case will be at risk of becoming void.

Who can claim personal injury compensation?

You can file a personal injury case for compensation for material and non-monetary damages. The personal injury law also covers compensations for funeral costs, medical expenses and loss of earnings arising from your injuries. The best way to start approaching your case is by consulting a personal injury lawyer. They are specialized in personal injury law and can verify the validity of your claim.

Why hire a lawyer?

With a specialised lawyer on your team, your personal injury case will be in a better position. Lawyers are more familiar with personal injury law. They know what evidence you need to collect to strengthen your case. Your personal injury lawyers will represent you in court and make sure you receive the rightful compensation.

Trying to deal with the personal injury law and insurance companies by yourself can be overwhelming. It is a complex process that requires professional lawyers, even if it was just a slip and fall accident.

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