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If you’ve been a personal injury victim, it’s not always black and white to get an insurance company to pay compensation. In many situations, you may need a personal injury lawyer on your side.


They’ll help investigate accidents, investigate the validity of your claims and the likelihood of success, and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. If a claim is denied, they can also prepare to litigate the matter in court on your behalf.


Let’s find out more about exactly what a personal injury lawyer can do for you.

Initial discussions


Firstly, your lawyer will want to discuss your injury and find out all of the particulars. This initial discussion gives them a good idea of whether it’s worth pursuing any further.


Once they start working on your claim, it involves a lot more in-depth investigation, which costs money, so it’s a good idea to be open and honest in your first discussion.


It can save you money on having your lawyer investigate a claim with a low likelihood of success.

Investigating accidents


If it’s determined that you may have a plausible claim, your lawyer will begin investigating the circumstances that caused your injury. It may have been a motor vehicle accident, an injury in a shopping centre, or some other type of accident in a public place.


Incidents that lead to personal injury claims can vary, so it’s your lawyer’s job to look into the particulars of what happened, who (if anybody) was at fault, at what could have been done to prevent the injury.


Investigating claims


Following an investigation of the original incident, your lawyer will investigate your specific claim.


While these two tasks are closely linked, the claim investigation has more to do with looking at the particulars of your claim.


For example, what level of compensation are you seeking? What medical costs have been associated with your injury?


These factors will determine the next steps.


Negotiation with insurance companies


The next step is to negotiate a claim with an insurance company on your behalf. It requires a lot of evidence to be produced and a solid case to be put forward.


The lawyer negotiates with the insurance company to see if a settlement can be reached without the need for further action.


Preparing court documents


If no settlement can be reached or your insurance claim is denied, the next option will be to pursue the matter in court.


It is known as litigation, and your lawyer will handle all aspects of preparing court documents, lodging with the court and appearing on your behalf at any required hearings.


Do you need a personal injury lawyer in Adelaide?


Here at C+F Lawyers, we specialise in personal injury, accidents and also workers’ compensation. If you’ve been injured and have associated medical costs for your recovery, you can likely benefit from a personal injury lawyer in Adelaide.


Our lawyers are committed to providing an honest and transparent service, including giving you the right advice on how to best proceed with your claim.

For more information or to make a booking with one of our injury lawyers, or please contact us today.

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