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Personal injury claims are up there with some of the most common compensation cases. However, the depth of personal injury law and regulation is vast, which can make it difficult for victims to know where to start. Many are unaware of the time limits that are often associated with making a claim.

If you believe you are a personal injury victim, it is essential to know the best way to approach these situations. Here at C+F Lawyers, we understand just how daunting making a claim can be, especially if you’re dealing with the ramifications of your personal injury. Specialising in personal injury law, our lawyers are committed to providing our clients with the best possible result at the earliest opportunity.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injuries May Be the Result of:

+ Workplace injuries
+ Medical negligence
+ Motor vehicle accidents
+ Crime
+ Damaged or defective goods
+ Dangerous public premises

What Personal Injury Compensation Can You Claim For?

Personal injury is broad and can include many different illnesses or injuries. The compensation you can claim for is dependent on the category your claim comes under.

General Damages

Compensation for any pain or restriction because of your personal injury and how it has influenced your lifestyle.

Past and Future Medical and Other Related Expenses

If you have been required to pay for any rehabilitation or related medical expenses, including pharmaceuticals and medical aids, you are entitled to claim for those expenses. You are also entitled to claim for any future medical-related costs related to your injury.

Loss of Income

If your injuries have required you to stop work or affected your earning capability, you are entitled to claim for past, current and future income loss.

The first stage of Personal Injury Compensation Claiming

The most important thing you can do after the accident is to seek medical attention. Throughout the process of your claim, you will be required to provide numerous aspects of information and evidence about the injury, so you must take note of as many details as possible. It’s also essential to keep a copy of medical certificates, pictures, medical forms and expenses that you encounter throughout your recovery. These are all helpful in securing the compensation you deserve.

When it comes to meeting the requirements of a personal injury claim, legal advice from a professional personal injury lawyer is your best bet for a chance of a successful claim.

It is important to note that timeframes apply to all compensation claims, and personal injury claims are no different. If you want to gain compensation for your personal injury, you must make your claim within 3 years. Failing to make your claim within the recommended time frame can put your claim at risk of becoming void.

However, every case is different, and timeframes can vary. At C+F Lawyers, our team of personal injury lawyers have years of experience dealing with a broad range of personal injury claims. We’re here to provide you with trusted legal advice. We can guide you throughout the claims process as well as ensure you have a better idea around the timeframes that may apply to you.


If you’re looking for a highly experienced and approachable, personal injury lawyer in Adelaide, contact the team at C+F Lawyers today. Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with legal assistance that results in rightful outcomes. If you have suffered injustice, we will fight relentlessly to make things right.


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