Wills & Estates

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Death can have a huge impact on all concerned. At a time when you are grieving the loss of a loved one we can provide you with the experience, compassion and expertise necessary to deal with all will, property and ‘estate’ related issues in a timely and efficient manner.

Our wills & estates lawyers are also able to prepare your will and guide you through the process to ensure your loved ones and beneficiaries are provided for as you have intended. Without a valid will your estate will be administered in accordance with Government legislation, which will not always be as per your wishes.

Wills and estates law Adelaide. C + F Lawyers. Legal advice and services
Adelaide wills & estates law. C + F Lawyers. Legal advice and services
Why do you need a will?

Having a valid will is the best way to ensure the following:

  • Your personal effects and assets will be distributed in the way you want them to be following your death
  • The appointment of a person of your choice to be the executor of your estate
  • Nomination of a guardian to care for your children
Reviewing your will

Your will should be reviewed at regular intervals or when your circumstances change.

We suggest that your will be reviewed when:

  • You get married or divorced
  • There is a change in your family situation such as having a child, or a death of a family member
  • There is a significant change in your financial situation and structure of assets

Our wills & estates lawyers also provide legal advice to clients contesting the validity of a will, and can help you challenge a Will if it is within your rights to do so.

Wills and estates lawyer Adelaide. C + F Lawyers. Legal advice and services


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