Public Liability

How Much Compensation Can You Claim For Your Injury?

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What You Could Claim For

It is not enough to show that you were simply injured and establishing fault is essential.

If so, the following types of damages may be available to you:

+ Non Economic Loss (Pain & Suffering)
+ Past and Future Economic Loss
+ Loss of Superannuation benefits
+ Voluntary services from family members
+ Paid care and domestic services
+ Past and future medical expenses

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We’ll Fight For You To Win 

Public liability claims can arise where you have suffered an injury due to the fault or negligence of another party whilst in a public or private place.

Public liability claims can arise from injuries sustained as a result of:

+ Slips, trips and falls in a public place
+ Incidents occurring at playgrounds / childcare centres/ school grounds
+ Incidents at Events and Festivals
+ Falling objects and debris
+ Injuries at bars and clubs
+ Accidents on private property

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